Who We Are

Ron's Sales & Service
    Ron Kangas began repairing and selling chainsaws in this part of the country in about 1963. Ron repaired and sold used chainsaws that he purchased from the Minneapolis area. Locally known as "The SAW DOCTOR", Ron operated from his farm 5 miles west and 2 north of Lake Norden, SD. Ron sold his first NEW STIHL CHAINSAW, an 041FARM BOSS, in 1968. Howard Draisey was the SATISFIED customer. 
   15 years later, 1983, Ron notices an auction sale bill with Mr. Draiseys name on it. Ron went to the auction with hopes of buying the 041 FARM BOSS back. Ron did end up winning the bid for the 041FB, for $30.00 MORE than he had sold it to Mr. Draisey for 15 YEARS EARLIER!!!! As you can see from this experience, STIHL products purchased from RON'S SAW SALES & SERVICE are a Great investment!  Ron still has that 041 FARM BOSS on his Living Room ledge at his home. Stop in for coffee and check it out when your in the area.
     RONS SAW SALES & SERVICE  is located on North Hwy 20 in Watertown, SD. We continue to provide our customers with a complete line of STIHL equipment and accessories. SERVICE is a HUGE  part of our Plan. RON'S keeps the parts IN STOCK, to keep your equipment serviced in an efficient and cost effective manner.Service work is consistantly on a SAME DAY to NEXT DAY TURNAROUND TIME. Chain Sharpening done "WHILE YOU WAIT".  As Always "BUY TWO CHAINS, GET ONE FREE!!!
Please feel free to stop in and browse our EXCLUSIVELY STIHL store. Thank you for your time. Ed
Independent We Stand
We are very proud to be a retailer of the STIHL product line. As an independent Dealer, we can provide many services that the big box chain stores just can't match. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you select the equipment that meets your specific needs. We can offer fast, professional service for your STIHL equipment after the sale. Your equipment comes fully assembled and ready to use, and our staff can give you in-store safety and operating demonstrations so that you can get started on your tasks as soon as you get home.

In support of independent retail stores across that country, STIHL is a proud sponsor of Independent We Stand - a nationwide movement supporting independently owned businesses and the role they serve in local economies. You can continue to support the cause by shopping at your area's locally owned businesses, including your neighborhood independent STIHL Dealer.
MasterWrench Service
The dependability of STIHL equipment is legendary. As your STIHL Dealer, we stand behind that equipment and service what we sell. STIHL MasterWrench Service® is a designation recognizing select STIHL Dealers who have continually exceeded expectations through extensive training and a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We are proud to be STIHL MasterWrench Service® Certified.

Why are we STIHL MasterWrench Service® Certified?

4-Level Service Training
There are four levels of STIHL-certified service training – Bronze, Silver, Gold and the extensive Platinum training level. STIHL MasterWrench Service® certification is granted exclusively to technicians who complete the first three stages of training; Bronze, Silver and Gold. STIHL MasterWrench Service® Platinum level certification is now available to recognize STIHL certified service technicians and Dealers having high levels of service competence above and beyond that of other STIHL MasterWrench Service® Dealers.

Professional Workshop Environment
STIHL-certified workshops are conducive to performing maintenance and repairs at the high level of quality that our STIHL MasterWrench Service® technicians have been trained for, and workshops use specialized STIHL tools in all of their repair work.

Superior Service for STIHL Customers
Because of their mastery of the craft, our STIHL MasterWrench Service® technicians can provide customers with efficient repairs and maintenance as well as offer expert advice on the proper care and upkeep of their equipment.

Trust your equipment to a STIHL MasterWrench Service® technician.
Come see us for all of your STIHL servicing needs!

Thank you for your STIHL order request. We are pleased to carry the STIHL line of quality products. While we stock a good selection of STIHL products in our stores, we do not carry every product in the STIHL line. The item, or items, you have requested may require us to order them directly from STIHL. As soon as we receive your request we will begin to process it and we will contact you within two days of the notification to confirm it is in stock or to let you know when the order will arrive. We look forward to serving you.